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Eco-conscious Parisians can now get their sparkling water free and in unlimited supply at a new public drinking fountain installed by city authorities, which aims to wean consumers off bottled water and onto tap.

週二由公營水公司「巴黎之水」,在市東Jardin de Reuilly公園啟用的這台飲水機,是將二氧化碳注入一般的自來水,使之起泡,同時在氣泡水送到消費者之前加以冷卻。

Unveiled on Tuesday in the Jardin de Reuilly park in the east of the city by publicly owned water company Eau de Paris, the fountain injects carbon dioxide into regular tap water to make it bubbly, and chills it before delivering it to consumers.


"Our aim is to boost the image of Paris tap water," said Philippe Burguiere, spokesman for Eau de Paris. "We want to show that we’re proud of it, that it’s totally safe, and that it’s ecological as there’s no oil involved, no waste and no packaging," he said.


The French are the world’s eighth biggest consumers of bottled water, downing an average of 128 litres each of the still or sparkling beverage in 2009, according to statistics from the Earth Policy Institute.


That generated over 262,000 tonnes of plastic waste, while just making the bottles consumed close to 4.5 million barrels of crude oil equivalent.


According to Burguiere, in Paris at least, there’s absolutely no need for consumers to buy bottled water.



sparkling water︰氣泡水、蘇打水,與之相反的則是still beverage(非氣泡飲料),still在此指不起泡的、不含氣體的。

wean︰動詞,使斷奶、使戒除、使脫離。例句︰The plants have been weaned from the greenhouse environment.(這些植物已脫離溫室環境。)

down︰動詞,指大口喝下、吃下。例句︰He downed his brandy in one gulp.(他一口把白蘭地喝盡。)


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